Reference Desk


Converters, Calculators, Tables -- For math, time, temperature, weight, and measure.

Geography and Mapping

Aerial Filmworks GPS -- Aerial imaging site offers free GPS and elevation search service.

iTouch Lat and Long -- Maps a point, gives latitude/longitude in both degrees and decimal.

MapQuest -- Old standard mapping service is now updated and versatile.

MapsOnUs -- Quick and easy. Get shortest time or distance.

National Geographic MapMachine -- Satellite, street maps, online atlas.

Government -- Find information about our 50 states and capitals.

CIA World Factbook -- Provides comprehensive data covering 266 world entities.

Federal Citizen Information Center -- Find information about U.S. government and services.

State and Local Government on the Net -- One-stop access for governments and agencies.

Statistical Abstract -- Census Bureau summary of social, political, and economic statistics. -- U.S. government official Web portal accesses a vast compendium of resources.


Abbreviations -- Free directory and search for acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms. -- Free multi-source dictionary search service.

Guide to Grammar and Style -- Grammatical rules, comments on style, and suggested usage.

OneLook Dictionary Search -- Word and phrase definition search, includes reverse look-up.

Quotations Page -- Features the oldest free quotation search site on the Web. -- Free multi-source language reference search. -- Free multi-source thesaurus search service.

Language Translators -- Translates text, Web pages. Includes a free translator dictionary. -- Free multi-source language translation service.

Yahoo! Babel Fish -- Old reliable translates text or Web pages.


Debt Clock -- Graphic illustration of how the Democrat Congress is bankrupting America.

Indispensable Links -- Handy links to information sites you can't do without.

Postage Price Calculator -- USPS calculates postage rates to anywhere in the world. -- All-inclusive reference site ... the Google of the reference world.


Google -- Comprehensive, do-everything Web giant.

Search Engine Colossus -- Search engines from around the world.

Yahoo! -- All-inclusive search and information site.

ZabaSearch -- Free search finds people, addresses, phone numbers, residence locations, more.

ZIPskinny -- Free search provides all U.S. Census data for ZIP Code entered.


National Hurricane Center -- Tropical weather watches, warnings, forecasts and analyses.

NOAA's Most Popular Weather Sites -- NOAA's most requested, most visited sites.

Weather Underground -- One of the most reliable, accurate weather sites on the Web.

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