End Game

by BD Pisani ♦ 28 dec 2013

"They're laughing at you, you know." -- Bill Whittle

Obama is Lying To You

With history on his side, pilot, writer, film director, and TV editor Bill Whittle challenges widely-held misconceptions about politics and society. Whittle attempts to underscore conservative values and philosophy through logical reasoning.

He does so by frequently asking the difficult ethical questions, posing the most probable outcomes, and then sharing the results with Americans via several conservative outlets.

One of his more popular ventures has been Afterburner, currently featured on the PJ Media website. In each episode, he calmly and rationally presents the conservative message as it applies to the grievous harm the Obama regime, radical Democrats, and their associate minions have wrought upon our nation. But calm lasts only so long before a hard edge develops. Read Whittle's unembellished view on what is in store for the Republic of the United States of America in 2014. Heed his words well:

The End of the Beginning

by Bill Whittle

Hi everybody. Welcome to Afterburner; I'm Bill Whittle.

Well, this time last year Barack Obama was riding high off of his re-election win over Mitt Romney, and after four years, I was standing here, again and again, utterly convinced by then that there was nothing – no force upon heaven or earth -- that was going to convince what had formerly been known as the Free Press stand up on their hind legs and do their job.

And in the year since then, I was right. They haven't.

But things are different now, in the closing days of 2013. Things are very different now. And not because the Press has suddenly done it's job regarding Reverend Wright, Fast and Furious, The Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial in Manhattan or even Benghazi. It's not because they have taken any particular interest in Obama weaponizing the IRS, NSA spying on every American, including themselves – in fact, they do not even have the fundamental self-respect to attack their master when their master unleashes his government on their own records, sources and independence.

No, this change has happened because since the Obamacare roll-out, the press is simply irrelevant now. They've licked the hand and carried the water and betrayed their trust; they've cowered and cooed and bowed and scraped before the Golden Calf they themselves had created for their own glorification -- and none of that matters any more.

Because what they could not do was put themselves between the backside of an envelope and the eyes of the American people. That they cannot do yet. And when millions and millions of American citizens opened those envelopes to discover that the old insurance plans that they liked had been canceled, and the new insurance plans provided less protection at greater cost and that they in point of fact could not keep the health care plans they had liked -- well that was the beginning of the end of this house of lies and this fraud that we have twice elected now.

Because he knew he was lying when he said, "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan." And he knew he was lying when he said "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." You took him at his word. But we didn't.

Why do you think the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was originally written so that it wouldn't take effect until after Obama had been re-elected? Why do you think that now, with a wave of his imperial finger, this lying fraud you see pictured behind me recently postponed the implementation of the really egregious parts of Obamacare until after this coming election in 2014?

400,000 Americans, round numbers, have entered the site and the exchanges. Some far smaller percentage of that number has actually paid, and an even smaller percentage of those have actually gotten coverage despite their credit card swipe. Half a million in -- five or six million out. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Because the tens of millions -- fifty million; sixty; eighty million -- of cancellations that were scheduled in February have been pushed back to December, just a few weeks after the midterm elections. That's when the real pain will come, when the businesses -- you know, the evil fat-cat 1% corporations that have been paying the lions share of benefits for the lions share of the people of this country -- that's when they are going to say, no, we're done, we'll cancel the coverage and just pay the penalty. That's when the pitchforks and torches come out -- not in January or February as written in law, but in December. A week or two after you suckers and rubes and hicks vote again. Just you wait.

This guy, and the people behind him, are professionals -- they know their marks. Yeah, the pigeons will get pissed off -- like they are now -- but only safely after the 2014 midterms, which will give them another two years to gin up some new war on women or race-baiting-black-people-are-being-lynched ploy to pull over the eyes of the rubes.

And when I say the rubes who got snookered by all this, I don't mean me, of course, or the Conservative, Tea Party people like me. I mean you: you people who believed him. You believed him because you didn't know any better. You believed him because the people who you pay to tell you the truth are worse liars than these people are. And let's cut to the chase here: you believed him, when all was said and done, because he is black -- and because he, and they, and the press, told you that if you doubted him that made you a racist.

And the people they are laughing at the hardest are you young people, and you black people, and you liberal people, and especially you women. They are laughing at how easy it was to convince you to give up your life-long relationship with your hospital and OB/GYN, and how stupid you are, because of how simple it was, to convince you that people like me are a bunch of racist, misogynist, homophobic, Neanderthal villains so consumed by hatred of a Black President that we simply can't accept it in the depths of our shriveled, charred little hearts.

But if any of you – any of you! – had had the guts or the common sense, or done even the most fundamental basic questioning of power required of free citizens, instead of farm animals, you would have realized that the Tea Party is here for two reasons, the same two reasons, and only two reasons: Stop ObamaCare before it destroys our health care system, and stop this out of control spending before we all find our selves sitting in the dark around a few burning tires roasting rats on a spit.

We were right about Obamacare, we're right about the collapse of the economy under this orgasm of spending and debt on the part of these incompetent liars and con artists, and you'd better hope to God we can stop these people in 2014 before the rest of everything that you and we believe in together is gone, and gone forever.

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God Preserve the United States of America.