Get out of our lives

by BD Pisani - 2008 dec 28

statism.jpg Let's see, now ... the government wields near-total control of banking, lending, retirement fund, investment, and housing capital; it is now an auto maker; it already controls our government schools, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and food prices; it will soon force us from halfway into fully-socialized medicine; censored speech will be implemented with the Fairness Doctrine; the Second Amendment will soon be quashed; and oh by the way, gird your loins for the significant tax increases that are on the way. Did I miss anything?

Of course I did, because the federal government has intruded so much into our lives that it is impossible to list every facet of their intrusion. How did we ever allow this government to abandon our nation's founding principles?

Incrementally, over a period of many years, for our "own good."

Wishful thinking

Once upon a time, our Founders deemed and a vast majority of Americans agreed that the government's role was constitutionally defined and should be limited to the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness -- not cars, not urine-soaked crucifixes, not mortgages, not dental floss, not cane sugar. The Founders strove to ensure that power bestowed upon government was derived through the consent of the governed. They believed that government at its best was a necessary evil, should be minimal, and above all should be aggressively restrained.

Does this sound like your country today?

We conservatives are not surprised that Republicans recently began to emulate the Democrat Party in its spending largesse and regulatory fervor. It's all about the power. With a federal budget now surpassing $3.4 trillion, this should be evident to even the most obtuse amongst us. What is surprising is that Republicans still don't understand why they are no longer in power and why Democrats are now poised to force us into a socialistic realm the likes of which even FDR and his New Deal could never hope to attain.

But hey, things can get worse -- and they will.

Power to the proletariat

The Global Warming scam? Acolytes of that cult are now in power and you won't believe what their worthless, unworkable, unnecessary schemes are going to cost you.

Don't like your mortgage, car payment, or credit card debt? Congress will ensure that the few remaining American taxpayers bail you out.

Breathing easier now that fuel prices have plummeted? Start gasping, because they will rise again, and besides -- Congress has always wanted to punish those evil Big Oil companies and force them to subsidize your home heating and vehicle fuels.

Open your wallets even wider because Congress will punish wealthy Americans via outlandish tax increases -- the same people who pay 97 percent of all federal taxes now. Of course, this will cripple America economically, force untold businesses to close, and glut the unemployment line but hey -- Congress will dole out "free" aspirin for your pancreatic cancer from it's government-run health ministries.

Although I could waste the day away listing all of the evil surprises that are on tap, I must stop now because I just threw up in my mouth.


At the top of the list is the Democrat Party. Not your father's DP -- oh no -- that has been swept away and Democrat power now resides in the grubby hands of the party's far-Left radicals. This gang's primary goals are to retain power, strengthen their hold on power, control the nation's wealth, and redistribute that wealth to the befuddled masses who keep them in power. They contend that the proper role of government is to take things from one group and give them to others -- for a price, and the price is obedience.

Major Democrat Party allies in these machinations include mainstream media, trial lawyers, labor unions, metropolitan political machines (hint: think Chicago), government workers, government contractors, radical environmental groups, nanny-state zealots, every foreign enemy of the United States, and a growing segment of folks who are unwilling to contribute and consider redistribution of someone else's assets to them a right.

This is a formidable lineup that is intent on expanding the size and power of government.

Just leave us alone

We conservatives don't want anything from other people, not their money, autos, houses, or anything else. We want government to simply get out of our lives and leave us alone. We want an end to the nation-crippling, freedom-killing tandem of hyper-regulation and hyper-taxation. We want our children educated as we see fit and where we see fit. We want to choose our own family doctors and decide which car to buy. We want the open market and free enterprise to determine which businesses thrive and which fail, which products succeed and which don't.

In short, we want the America we once had, the one that was handed down to us by our Founders, the one we were supposed to defend and cherish, the one we must have again if we are to survive as a nation defined by the Constitution.

Government? Less is better -- get out of the way so that Americans can freely pursue their dreams.

Remember this: Socialism is not the reason the United States developed into the most prosperous, productive country in the history of mankind -- and all in a briefest span of time, an eye-blink of history. No socialist nation could ever attain nor has ever attained such greatness, much less sustain it.

So why are we in such a hurry to diminish this great nation by going there?