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b2BD Pisani is a military veteran, nationally-certified emergency manager, and is now capping a career of public service as an EMD/EFD in his county's fire rescue department. A degreed chemist, B2 is a father and grandfather, enjoys sports shooting and outdoor activities, and is considered a fair guitarist.

B2 has had the good fortune to extensively travel around the globe as well as throughout North America, sometimes reluctantly (in uniform) and always enthusiastically (in mufti). He was blessed to share life with his sweet Canadian lass -- the finest person to ever grace God's Green Earth. Now a widower, B2 resides in a small, quiet community nestled along the western bank of a small, quiet river in southeastern Florida.

Blessed with three children and a gaggle of grandchildren, B2 also cherishes an intimate cadre of friends -- family, really -- who always seem to be there and know just what to say or do when life lays one of us low. Thank you Randy, Dana, Loren, Ken, Bruce, Keith, and John. All of you who read this are fortunate indeed if you have such people of quality sharing your lives.

B2 is also among the 62 percent of adult-age Americans who still work, produce, and pay income taxes to support the 38 percent of adult-age Americans who do not.

About the site

The B2 Journal has been online in one form or another since 1996. It originally served as a vehicle for personal expression and a repository for remembrances.

StatismBut as the years passed, an extremely radical element within our society successfully hijacked the once-principled and respected Democrat Party, the political party of Harry Truman, Henry "Scoop" Jackson, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, John Kennedy -- and my father. They would not recognize it now and if they did, they would wince in shame and remorse . . .

B2J now focuses more on countering the Left's hate-filled rancor, disingenuousness, loathing of our military, and blatant anti-Americanism. Since the demise of ethical journalism and with the abject bias of Mainstream State-run Media and the entertainment industry readily apparent to even the most obtuse amongst us, one must do what one can for the sake of balance.

Fortunately, I still write for my pleasure -- when I want and about topics that are of interest to me -- and my articles generally reflect a small-town, Middle American, common-sensical viewpoint.

You won't find any ineffectual fence-sitting or weak-kneed blather, as everything posted is a direct product of my upbringing, life experiences, and principles. Besides, the opinions of today's wishy-washy, placating moderates are as intellectually vacant as they are cowardly.

So if you find what is written interesting, whether you agree or not, well ... that's a bonus.

Thanks for visiting,

BD Pisani

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