End Game

"They're laughing at you, you know." -- Bill Whittle

Obama is Lying To You

With history on his side, pilot, writer, film director, and TV editor Bill Whittle challenges widely-held misconceptions about politics and society. Whittle attempts to underscore conservative values and philosophy through logical reasoning.

He does so by frequently asking the difficult ethical questions, posing the most probable outcomes, and then sharing the results with Americans via several conservative outlets.

One of his more popular ventures has been Afterburner, currently featured on the PJ Media website. In each episode, he calmly and rationally presents the conservative message as it applies to the grievous harm the Obama regime, radical Democrats, and their associate minions have wrought upon our nation. But calm lasts only so long before a hard edge develops. Read Whittle's unembellished view on what is in store for the Republic of the United States of America in 2014. Heed his words well:

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Poll Workers on Primary Day in Washington, DC offer US Attorney General Eric H Holder's ballot to vote ... to a complete Stranger. Other voting locations in Washington, DC, offered to sign for ballots. Eric Holder has said multiple times there exists no evidence of Voter Fraud. Oops.

Snap Salute to James O'Keefe - Veritas.



Get out of our lives

How did we ever allow this government to abandon our nation's founding principles? When are we going to wake up?

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